I am here to help you discover the natural essence within yourself through a dedicated yoga practice. Yoga classes are a wonderful way to create guidance throughout your practice. I am here as a mentor and teacher to you, so always feel free to open a line of communication with me so we can fine tune your practice to your specific needs.

Welcome to your personal yoga experience.

Yoga For The Chakras

The chakras are seven spinning circles of energy within the physical body. In order to reach our fullest potential, an awareness of these energies is essential. Yoga poses catered to each chakra will physically open & align the given chakra.

Creating Your Foundation

Your yoga practice will begin with a strong and healthy foundation. The goal of your practice should be less about mastering a certain posture and more about the journey of further opening the body and mind. Always remember to practice with love and patience for yourself held in your heart.

Introduction To Inversions

Inversions are a beautiful part of an advanced yoga practice. If you are a beginner and are interested in the power of inversions, this course will provide different exercises and flows to build that foundation strength that will eventually allow you to fly.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga is just as much a mental workout as it is physical. You are stretching the limitations of your mind as well as your limbs. Create an awareness of this mental & physical connection to further understand yourself and how your practice will naturally evolve.